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Domino Vol.2 #01-04 Complete

Domino Vol.2 #01-04 Complete

Domino is on a mission in Hong Kong. The descent down a skyscraper, it breaks through the window and attacks perch armed men inside, using her luck factor to ensure things go her way. She takes them, but not with his usual brevity and the mysterious voice on the tips of her connection to her get the job done a little faster. She manages to take out pyatmuzhchin and makes the sixth reveal the whereabouts of a Petri dish containing some biological spores, which can be used in weapons . She takes the dish and out of the building before accelerating off before the police managed to catch it. A week later she postavlyaetblyudo the mystery man , Jonathan, who pays her a photo of his mother , a note and a plane ticket after explaining that some of their methods in getting the dishes were far from ideal. Domino then sent to Atlanta to visit a computer hacker , who tells her that her mother is being kept in a very safe place, and hands her a CD with information about it. Unfortunately , the disc is destroyed by a gunshot and a hacker who died in helicopter gunships to attack them. Domino can take out a helicopter with her watch that takzhevzryvnoe device and wonders what her mom got her into a little girl . Meanwhile, in a quaint mountain , a group of robed men are preparing something that does not bode well for the future of Domino .

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