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The Royals - Masters of War #01

The Royals - Masters of War #01

1940 . As London Blitz destroys and kills thousands , the royal family looks on. But in this world , only people with special abilities are royalty , and the purer the pedigree , the greater their ability. So why do not they stop the carnage with their powers ? Truce between the nobles of the earth kept them from our war - still . When England's Prince Henry could take no more and intervenes if he would stop the suffering of the planet or take it to another level ?

Writer Rob Williams ( Judge Dredd : Trifecta, Low Life, Adventures of Superman and Daken ) and artist Simon Coleby ( body , Judge Dredd : Year One and Trifecta) combine to bring you this epic World War proportions. History will be transformed in such a way you have never seen before.

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