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Curse #01

Curse #01

WHY WE LOVE IT : BOOM! The studio has a long history of publishing some of the best modern horror in the industry, and curse us back to our roots with a werewolf story unlike any you've ever seen .

WHY YOU WILL LOVE IT : The Curse of the creative team practically screams " horror" from writers Michael Moreci (Hoax HUNTERS ) and Tim Daniel (ENORMOUS) and artist Riley Rossmo (DRUMHELLAR) and Colin Lorimer (UXB), you are in store for a smart, realistic and haunting read .

What is it about : Laney Griffith is a man who will do anything to save his son from leukemia , but the cost of treatment violated his material . When he chases the elusive killer in the desert her small rural community in the hope of securing a substantial reward , Laney confronted with something that he could never have expected : a werewolf . Prisoner Lycan, in human form , Laney turns life upside down in , forcing him to confront his past and pursue a race against time , because the wolf back , and the son's condition continues to deteriorate Laney . CURSE is a story of family survival at any cost.

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  1. VampiRess
    19 March 2014 18:26
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    well... looks pretty cool, we'll see how it goes
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