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Action Comics (Volume 1) 1-904 series

Action Comics (Volume 1) 1-904 series

Red K is a popular theme, actually it's pretty much explored to death. If i ever see Red K again i will jump out my In Action Comics 309, Lori Lemaris, Lana Lang, Pete Ross and everyone else appears in a special comic tribute to Superman.
Supergirl continues to run in these issues. And the Phantom Zone gets a mention in Action Comics 311. It also reappears in Action Comics 336 where a criminal who has done his time is released from the phantom Zone by Superman. General Zod is in this issue, he introduces himself. His first real appearance being in Adventure Comics #283 (April 1961).
In Action Comics 365, The Justice League gathers to attend Superman's Funeral. Sounds Familiar huh. Funny how everything been done before.
Interestingly, looking at the specials, it appears that many of them were reprints of stories that were previousely released as action comics. All the specials are labeled with [sp].
After Action Comics 370 Supergirl stories stopped and were replaced by Legion of Superheroes stories, which are not included in this collection. Why do people do that??? Split up stories in comics...I mean..ARGH!!!!
When Action Comics 394 was released, it included Superman stories only, and was the first of a long line up of Action Comics to do just that. Supergirl made frequent appearances in the stories also.
Jewel K appears for the first time in Action Comics 310, Jewel k can be used by criminals in the phantome zone to affect things outside the the zone.
In Action Comics 396 Superman finds himself in a wheelchair. Kind of like our real life Superman Christpher Reeves, who now soars in heaven.

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