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Star Wars Insider #162

Star Wars Insider #162

Take Aim! Star Wars Battlefront is here and we're bringing you the full lowdown on the most eagerly anticipated videogame of all time! To get you in the mood, we've got an amazing all-new story set parallel to the game that you won't want to miss. We're also spilling the secrets of Disney Infinity's all-new Star Wars playset, and looking at 10 great Star Wars games you can play right now! Art Director Roger Christian discusses his career as a "Cinema Alchemist." As the man who turned a camera handle into a lightsaber and bits of scrap metal into the iconic interior of the Millennium Falcon, he's clearly got the Midas touch! And don't miss the chance to win a set of incredible Topps Star Wars trading cards! Available in Newsstand and PREVIEWS Exclusive editions!

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