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Beast Vol.1 #01-03 Complete

Beast Vol.1 #01-03 Complete

The Beast (Dr. Henry McCoy) in his first limited series; three issues.
Leaving the local pub Beast mentally controlled by karma. She leads the animal to enter the club Hellfire, to find the whereabouts of her brothers and sisters. In the end, she loses concentration and the beast out of its control. Back at the mansion, Karma explains that the X-Men will not help her if she asked.

Meanwhile, Viper spiral hired to help her get her revenge karma. Spiral sends a telepathic message to Karma telling her that her brother and sister are in the Body Shop Spiral. Next step: Bring karma Viper.

The beast is trying to help find them with Cerebro but to no avail. Just like the beast, and Cannonball Karma appearing in his next step is to get the kids perimeter alarm sounds and they all meet the Spiral on the grounds. It makes quick work of Karma and Cannonball but the beast can slow it down with his supreme agility.

Spiral did not stop and teleports away to Karma and Cannonball and teleports them back to the Body Shop ....., but not to dive into a beast, to join them on their trip.

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