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The Heart of the Beast - 20th Anniversary Edition

The Heart of the Beast - 20th Anniversary Edition

The Heart of the Beast explores the timeless themes of classic horror literature against the backdrop of New York City's decadent contemporary art world. Sandra, a beautiful bartender who aspires to be an actress, meets Victor, an enigmatic man who hides strange scars and stranger secrets. Always at the beck and call of his employer, the mysterious Dr. Wright, Victor struggles to share his life with Sandra — until she learns the true nature of his ghoulish work. And is he concealing an even more horrific secret? This haunting homage to Mary Shelley's Frankenstein drew praise from critics and fans alike when it was first published. Dynamite is proud to release a 20th anniversary edition of this gothic love story in an all-new prestige format edition, which includes additional scrapbook material and commentary by the creators. Written by Dean Motter (Mister X, Terminal City) and Judith Dupré (Skyscrapers, Churches), The Heart of the Beast features lavishly painted artwork by Sean Philliips (Fatale, Criminal).

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