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Chicken Little

Chicken Little

Comics on the 46th full-length animated film Walt Disney Animation Studios'' Chicken Little '' in 2005 . Chicken Little lived happily ever after in their own little town of New Oaks, while on his head did not fall , as it seemed , the sky. Little raised a panic, but did not believe him , thinking that it was just an acorn . A year has passed , but over in Tsypoy still all laugh because of what his father , a former baseball star Ptah Cudahy , terribly upset. Tsypy only friends - three of the class outcast , where he learns : ugly duck - Ooty Tfuti obese pig - Hryun Manyunya and goldfish mind the near Fish- on - Suchet . Hoping to turn the tide Little is recorded in the school 's baseball team , which included all of a sudden , including for himself, winning an important match . Once seemingly all settled down , a piece of " fallen sky" back ...

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