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Grimm Fairy Tales - Halloween Special (1-5 series)

Grimm Fairy Tales - Halloween Special (1-5 series)

This time on the eve of Halloween, the creators of the comic book series "Grimm Fairy Tales" decided to make us his variation on the fairy tale " Monkey's Paw ."
Those who are familiar with this fairy tale , remember that its meaning lies in the fact that people should be very careful what you wish and that , trying to do something good for yourself , it can easily harm family, friends and loved ones .
A distinctive feature of this special issue is that this time the comic book authors do not try to hold us to the parallels between the fairy tale and real life , as so often in other comics in this series. Here the narrative is constructed in the form of a fairy tale , which occurred in our time. That is, the monkey paw zapoluchayut people who live among us, but nevertheless they are not smarter and not penetrating the original fairy tale characters and make the same mistakes , and monkey paw passes from hand to hand , continuing to do evil .
Another feature is that here we see Sheila and Belinda , who are opponents in the completion of fate .

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