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Eternal Warrior - Days of Steel

Eternal Warrior - Days of Steel

Steel salvation comes!

Eternal Warrior ... Gilad Anni-Padda, Fist and became the Earth ... all are charged with protecting and ensuring the safety Geomancer Earth. After completion of the other brutal mission, immortal guardian of the Earth will approach the enigmatic task: to find and rescue the child - in whose hands the fate may rest the whole nation! But Eternal Warrior is not a nurse ... and, to complicate matters, thousands of Magyar invaders want the child died. At the edge of civilization, can best judge the murderer in the history of one precious life to keep alive?

Start reading here a master storyteller Peter Milligan (Hellblazer) and Eisner award winning artist Cary Nord (XO MANOWAR, Conan) chronicle of brutal and bloody history of the immortal valiant champion in a completely new tale of swords, savagery, and steel. Collection ETERNAL WARRIOR: DAYS OF STEEL # 1-3.

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