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Skylanders #12

Skylanders #12

According to the biography Cynder plot of the entire cycle В«SkylandersВ» comes after a cycle В«The Legend of SpyroВ». In this game world is presented like the world of the animated series Dragon Hunters, ie in the form of individual pieces of land, levitating over the world Skylands. The village is inhabited by anthropomorphic creatures like the lynx, moles and raccoons, called Mabou, the storm broke. There was a disciple of the Master sent Jonah Mabou Hugo searches for the characters referred to as self Skylanders. Skylanders themselves were there for the evacuation of the village. After the evacuation of Skylanders Hugo brings to the master Jonah, where the attack occurred evil magician named Kaos. Master Ion sends Skylanders repel attack, then Kaos unleashes a monster that nearly destroyed the home master Jonah (the explosion of energy and lock Kaos flies away). Master Ion time evacuated Skylanders, and he disappeared. Hugo is also survived, as he was then in an underground shelter. Now he, of course, not without the help of friends and Skylanders, to collect a bunch of items that will help restore peace and defeat Kaos.

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