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Doc Savage Omnibus Vol.1

Doc Savage Omnibus Vol.1

Doc Savage, one bronze - raised from the cradle to be the pinnacle of mental and physical perfection, it is true Renaissance Man of the atomic age! Accompanied by a selected team of highly specialized men and women, Clark Savage Jr. travels the world using science and tendon on the right wrongs and help the oppressed, and to promote human civilization. But is the world ready to be saved? Develop procedures to prolong human life for decades, health behavior change criminals and building a synchronized network to link all of humanity ... these achievements that the great vision of Doc Savage's promises to the world. And so, too, they become objects of megalomania, sectarians, and the gate all around the world! The legendary man of action again, courtesy of Dynamite Entertainment, massive omnibus Doc Savage, a complete collection of eight issue maxi-series, Chris Roberson (iZombie, masks) and Bilquis Evely (Shadow). As a bonus, the collection includes the world trotting adventure solo Doc Savage subversion against the scientific community initially presented in Doc Savage 2014 Shannon Eric Denton (Graveslinger) and Roberto Castro (Spider-Man), and a cover gallery featuring the talents of Alex Ross ( Kingdom Come) and John Cassaday (Strange Avengers).

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