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Avengers - Time Runs Out Vol.4

Avengers - Time Runs Out Vol.4

For powerful heroes of the Earth and the Illuminati, it all ends here! After two years of careful thought about his disastrous saga writer Jonathan Hickman jumps forward to the final eight months, honest-to-good near future of the universe Marvel - and final day Incursion! Desperate, the world-destroying action Avengers Illuminati fragmented, making lifelong friends into sworn enemies! But as the final invasion of machines to be Avengers Illuminati and Cabal group together to save what they can, or destroy each other? And there are all the fights they have survived, and the sacrifices they have made to prepare a group or to the inevitable moment when time is running out ... and the Secret Wars begin? The final act of astonishing climax to the legendary run by Jonathan Hickman is here! Collecting AVENGERS (2012) # 43-44 and the New Avengers (2013) # 31-33.

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