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Grimm Fairy Tales - The Library (1-5 series) Complete

Grimm Fairy Tales - The Library (1-5 series) Complete

The story itself begins when Sheila finds in the library building which wants to buy her father , at the book , and casts a spell . Move too banal , but what starts out on, I did not expect . After Sheila is in the times of the dinosaurs , and her brother in one of the myths of ancient Greece , begins a wild batch. Characters tales of all times and nations converge in a dynamic battle. A sort of crossover " All against all " in which each party wants to get a magic book and the key to it. On the one hand , Sheila , her family and the good characters , on the other - Witch , all evil and another character , which I drew attention slightly below .. Whom there just no ! Hercules , with wild west cowboys , Captain Nemo , Robin Hood , skeletons, zombies, werewolves , dinosaurs, about which I have already said. Kneading is enhanced when the whole fraternity begins to penetrate far beyond the library. It would seem that this should not be a hodgepodge of nothing but irritation of the reader , but to my surprise , they all fit into the story quite organically.

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