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Star-Lord - Guardian of the Galaxy

Star-Lord - Guardian of the Galaxy

Just in time for its debut on the big screen, sensational seventies sci-fi saga Star-Lord collected in one volume! After the aliens killed the mother of Peter the pen, he became an astronaut, hoping to find the killers and take revenge - until a fateful meeting with Master Sun is not unlocked the true purpose of the pen! Now - in the intergalactic policeman Star-Lord - Perot faced alien slavers, space pirates, world-destroying ships, ancient cosmic arks, vengeful beast-man winged cloud riders symbiotic small planets, and more! But the Master of the Sun due to the aliens, who killed his mother in the pen? Plus: a look into the future and witness the adventures of the second Star-Lord, Sinjin quarrel! Gathering material from Star-Lord MARVEL PREVIEW # 4, # 11, # 14-15 and # 18, and MARVEL Super Special # 10; and MIRACLE IN THE SPOTLIGHT (1979) # 6-7, # 61 THE MIRACLE PREMIER and STARLORD (1996) # 1-3.

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