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Dellec TPB

Dellec TPB

Collect all six questions DELLEC, plus zero question "Dellec: Beginnings"

This is a common ...

Dellec really caught up with the man in the street in the fog of immorality, but his quest is always clearly destroy the forces of evil, where they thrive - or even the place where the line between good and evil is not easily defined. After a tragic set of circumstances that led to the murder of his wife at the hands of the evil demigod named Thera, our hero lands his head in a battle between good and evil, and his chances of survival are bleak. However, Dellec no one to fall back from the fight no matter the enemy specifically, when his own life is hanging by a thread.

Along the way, Dellec meet primitive street gang ambush illegal street fight, to find a serial killer, and much more in this riveting first volume of his epic story. Dellec is one person quest for revenge and redemption as he tries to take on the very essence of who created mankind itself-God!

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