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Star Wars #01 - Director's Cut

Star Wars #01 - Director's Cut

Chart-topping, critically adored the first issue of Star Wars comic book stores will be back in June this year to Cut Star Wars # 1 Director! Experience a monumental comeback cult Star Wars franchise in the House of the ideas from the first issue of which is the continuing series of blockbuster! Taking place immediately after the events of Star Wars: A New Hope, this explosive new comic book follows the adventures of favorite characters from the original trilogy! Created in close partnership with Lucasfilm, the new name for Star Wars exists as part of the canon of the universe Star Wars! In this abridged version of the director is the entire first issue - read Star Wars # 1 again or for the first time! Then look behind the scenes as you experience while creating this remarkable debut. See pages of the script and to the progress of art from each issue as the Star Wars universe comes to life as he could Marvel! World of Star Wars made his historic return to Marvel, and no fan can afford to miss this blockbuster of the current series.

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