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Avengers - Millennium

Avengers - Millennium

At a secret installation in rural Japan, Hydra, the Avengers find the time portal, which sends them to the thousands of years spanning adventure! But what the bad guys have a time machine, they are not used to change the past? The bad guys, who know that they will win! Now, the Avengers have to jump through time to find out what kind of horror Hydra prepared for the world, but something goes terribly wrong. And then the only thing that stands between the past and our continued wasted, destroyed the future Avengers - united against the doomsday weapon thousands of years in the hatching! Plus: classic tales of time travel! Captain America back to the fateful day he lost tanks and the Avengers face their colleagues BOB: Invaders! Collecting AVENGERS: Millennium # 1-4, and the Avengers (1963) # 56 and # 71.

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