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Mercury Heat Debut FCBD

Mercury Heat Debut FCBD

Kieron Gillen explosions Free Comic Book Day with an exclusive introduction to his view the new sci-fi series, Mercury heat! Over the last few years, work has gained a massive following Gillen of titles like Uber, evil and divine, and Iron Man. Now Guillen will lead you to Mercury, the planet's slow rotation, where you can beat the sunrise. Along with the heat it brings. This is the new frontier of space where mankind's insatiable demand for energy fueled by Mercury. These are tough conditions, and it attracts a rough crowd. So Louise brings her own heat, like a policeman on Mercury, as it is simply too intense to be one in the world. This special edition is the first chapter of this ongoing saga, a special introduction to the world of Mercury heat, and look at the ships, structures and solutions that eposa.Buduschee here with this primer and the first chapter of 2015 the largest sci-fi title!

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