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Thor- God of Thunder Vol.4 - The Last Days Of Midgard

Thor- God of Thunder Vol.4 - The Last Days Of Midgard

Thor fights to save Earth, but who can fight, when he was dying planet itself? SHIELD Agent Rose Solomon have a suggestion: the most infamous in the world of energy companies, Roxon and his ruthless new CEO, known as the "Minotaur! Thor has met his match in the form of super-multinational corporation? Meanwhile, many thousands of years later, the future of Tor is a very different fight to save what is left of the earth - from Galactus! King Thor and the goddess of thunder all that stands between Galactus and the world he died to eat for a very long time. But even if Thor beats, Earth is still doomed? And now, Thor makes a final stand against the Minotaur, Troll and force Ulic Roxon - but not even God can save everyone. Collection THOR: God of Thunder # 19-24.

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