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Ultimate Nightmare #01-05 Complete

Ultimate Nightmare #01-05 Complete

Final Nightmare was the first part of the great trilogy Galactus but was not originally planned to be so. In the original plan , Final Nightmare , written by Warren Ellis , was intended to be more of a prologue to the end of the universe -wide event written by Mark Millar . However , health issues motivated Millar project goodbye , leaving Ellis to handle the event. Joe Quesada had the idea to change the format , but instead became the ultimate nightmare of the first of a trilogy of limited edition .

SciFi series had a tone reminiscent of horror film Aliens as a set of search characters through the old Soviet underground bunker inhabited by nightmarish science experiments. Final Nightmare different Introducing the ultimate versions of several characters, including Falcon , Vision, Red Guardian, The Unicorn and the Crimson Dynamo .

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