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Crossed +100 #04

Crossed +100 #04

As layers of secrets begin to unravel, the future of Taylor is checked against the archivist from another village. All evidence points to the impossible conclusion. The one that seems to be so radical, the future must seek answers to the final. Alan Moore, the man who revolutionized the comics medium is returned to the monthly comics and puts a unique stamp on crossed the universe, as he and artist Gabriel Andrade paint a vivid picture of the future 100 years after the beginning! This multi-layered story is a new brand of horror crossed fans at the hands of the scribe that revised the comics medium.

This masterpiece is a self-contained whole new world; No prior knowledge of the series crossed is required.

All covers for the series were designed by Alan Moore, with images of enrichment and expansion of this series. Keys and glimpses of what it was before, and that can be found all over the cover version.

American History X on the perimeter - Each of them will represent a certain time in the last hundred years, showing how things have changed, and offering a glimpse at some of the key events. Each cover will show the year in which it occurs, to help build a complete picture.

Crossed Culture - It's all the images of how Crossed changed their way of life. With a few humans left to hunt, and the animal kingdom is thriving with predators, even awe-driven Crossed had to make adjustments to your lifestyle.

Future - Each cap tribute famous work of science fiction, and each author's works in the communication of this series.

New World Order on the perimeter - It is not for the faint of heart or thin constitution. We can not even imagine them in this catalog are seeing that ideal all-crossed the world would be. If you have crazy dreams, what would daily life look like? These coatings brutally intense images of true horror and can have scenes of torture, depravity and nudity. This, of course, only for adults. Each copy of the publication will be delivered in a sealed plastic bag with a protective cover over the actual image to ensure that it can be broken in stores. Graphics here just the cover. Because of all these special protective measures this edition is strictly limited to initial orders.

Also available with Retailer Incentive cover of Red Cross and design sketch, showing a series of original works of artist Gabriel Andrade. Do not miss out on the ultra-rare CGC circulation as well!

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