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Daredevil Vol.1 - Devil At Bay

Daredevil Vol.1 - Devil At Bay

Marvel fearless hero begins his most spectacular adventure in sunny San Francisco! Daredevil headed west, and now protects street golden city from the evil - and as a costumed hero, and as a blind attorney Matt Murdock! But big changes are in store for Matt, and familiar places and familiar faces to grow, to give the devil dolzhnoe.Sova back, and it does not work alone ... but old enemies nothing compared to Matt's new "friend": would-be hero known as the Shroud! As one of the oldest enemies DD constantly revised lethal than ever, Kirsten and Matt are volatile exchange secrets. But who will be the first crack? Plus: what killed Foggy Nelson? Also, a special look into the future, celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of DD with mysterious hints of something that does not come! Collect Daredevil (2014) # 1-5, # 1.50 and # 0.1.

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