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Paul Pope - Monsters & Titans - Battling Boy On Tour

Paul Pope - Monsters & Titans - Battling Boy On Tour

The new graphic novel Paul Pope fights Boy debuted at # 1 on the list of New York Times bestseller, and original art is the focus of a series of traveling art exhibitions in the United States and Europe. Image Comics is a big, lush, brushy original drawings Pope presented here in detail, photographed from the actual Arts Council, with minimal editorial or digital editing. This is a sampling of the various tourism exhibitions showing art in its original format, with text in English, French and Italian. The book focuses on the intricacies of drawings in the process of replicating the experience of seeing art in person. 63 of the original Boy Fighting showcased, along with detailed close-up pages. Critical Essay by Charles Brownstein, CEO CBLDF, included in the price. The Pope himself contributes an essay on the important factors FIGHT boy, as well as its process and technology. It is necessary for any fan of the Pope, student, fellow artist, or a fan of the medium. Monsters and Titans celebration of original art from one of the most critically acclaimed American cartoonists of our time.

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