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Palmiotti and Brady's The Big Con Job #01

Palmiotti and Brady's The Big Con Job #01

Why we love it: Comics veteran Jimmy Palmiotti (Harley Quinn) is a master in the development of a sense of humor, elegant, comics, and he teamed up with his longtime comics journalist, who became a writer Matt Brady (Buck Rogers) and artist Dominike "Domo" Stanton (Deadpool ) for the unique history of robbery. They put the "against" back to comic conventions.

Why you'll love it: In the mood for a character-driven comic crime caper Convention? Palmiotti and Brady have created Galaxy Quest meets 11-style detective Ocean, set in the larger than life backdrop of modern conference circuit. You thought that the disadvantages could not get any more? You do not have any idea.

What it is: After work the same convention circuit for many years, a group of heroes flabby, aging sex symbols, and bit players sci-fi became close friends as they watch their lines become shorter and cheaper autographs. That is, until they hire a bold new booking agent, which offers them their only chance for a comfortable retirement by robbing one of the major shortcomings in the country!

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