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Daredevil by Bendis and Maleev Ultimate Collection - Book 2

Daredevil by Bendis and Maleev Ultimate Collection - Book 2

During character defining run, Brian Michael Bendis crafted fiction tale that exploited the Man Without Fear-rich palette of characters and psychodrama, and how to address them in an incredibly nuanced, modern approach. Now, this Eisner award winning Run is going through three titanic trade paperbacks! In this volume, Matt Murdock is forced to reckon with the problems and the legal consequences that have arisen as a result of his public progulke.Poslednee that he needs is the return of typhoid Mary-one of his mortal enemies, schizophrenic predator who terrorizes her targets with a seemingly , inexhaustible thirst for bloodshed. But even worse is its connection to Wilson Fisk, who returned to Hell's kitchen, just to try to restore his fallen empire and revenge against those who ousted him from time untouchable position kingpin of crime. Collect Daredevil # 41-50, 56-65.

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