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Superior Spider-Man Vol.4 - Necessary Evil

Superior Spider-Man Vol.4 - Necessary Evil

By popular demand, returns in 2099 Spider-Man! But when the future of Spider and Spider Superior clash, which will be the highest Spider-Man in the multiverse? It does not matter, because the end of the battle is a moment that will change the world of Spider-Man - and the universe Marvel - for years to come! But what kind of spider is responsible for this shocking change? Then, out of the ashes of the battle comes first team up between the head of Spider-Man and the Black Cat. Felicia Hardy has always cared about the spider more than a man, but what happens when that person Otto Octavius? And, as we have not seen Osborn while back, Otto celebrates milestone! Is the world ready for 'Dr. Peter Parker - or what he plans to do next? SUPERIOR collection Spider-Man # 17-21.

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