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Powers - Bureau Vol.1 (TPB)

Powers - Bureau Vol.1 (TPB)

The latest chapter Eisner award-winning powers here - and this is a bold game-changer! Now that all the powers of the federal cases cases, Christian Walker and Dean Pilgrim now federal agents and must learn to live under the new rules. But when they find that they are dealing with major powers cases across the country, it will be a new life close closet full of skeletons Dean carries with it? (Absolutely not!) Walker and Diana are up to their necks in the most dangerous pursuit of his career, when faced with a case so dangerous it will take more than just his experience to solve. In addition, Dean is pregnant! So here. Get on board the creator-owned series, which shows the police and capes, like you've never seen them before! Collect powers: OFFICE в„– 1-6.

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