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Black Widow Vol.1 - The Finely Woven Thread

Black Widow Vol.1 - The Finely Woven Thread

Black Widow is the Avenger and SHIELD agent but on her own time, she is looking for redemption of his past as a KGB assassin - thus, these teams just do not odobryayut.Vdova goes undercover in Russia - but their cold streets, Hand of God refers to crush it, and it is merciless, as its name ?. Outmatched brute force of this powerful new villain, Natasha discovers a deadly conspiracy that spans the globe. Paris, London, Montenegro - Natasha in a race against time, nowhere to turn for answers. The strength of the black widow and cunning will be put to the test as she follows a trail of blood and destruction in the beginning, but it can find the object behind the attacks? Collection Black Widow (2014) # 1-6 and material from all new Marvel NOW! The first point # 1.

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