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Doctor Who The Tenth Doctor #07

Doctor Who The Tenth Doctor #07

When Gabby and Dr. arrive by chance in no man's land in July 1916, they met Corporal Jamie Colqhoun - a soldier who knows from bitter experience that there are worse things than Fritz rat-strewn trenches. Things that drift through the smoke thousands of cannon shells, and only move when you look to the side. Shadows flit over the artillery blew up field hospitals and throw their wings over the horrific life. Statues that steal your life in an instant. Weeping Angels. But in situations of conflict, when the lives of young people cheap, and thousands die every day - angels actually offers salvation?

Trapped in the midst of a herd of hungry Angels, Doctor faces his most difficult and terrible moral dilemma yet!

Comes with three caps for the collection including a special cover artist Tommy Lee Edwards!

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