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My favorite » » Batman Adventures (1-36 series + Annuals + Special) Complete
Batman Adventures (1-36 series + Annuals + Special) Complete

Batman Adventures (1-36 series + Annuals + Special) Complete

The first Batman comics were born back in the 1940s . However, the graphic novel about a superhero come to light so far, and seems to be going out for a long time . A range of В«BatmanВ» - one of the most long-running series of Night Warriors . Coming into the world in 1940 , it continues to go well and feel in our time . Having gone through the change of artists downs ups and new popularity , the show is still in formation. In the comics, the series you will meet with the main characters of the Batman universe ( even the main character here is not one of his role in the different periods of time performing different characters ) . A reading comics chronologically , will be able to see how the characters changed over time, as the comics themselves from cheerful and unpretentious stories gradually gained darkness and cruelty , and then - once again became easier and more fun . Here it is - the main saga of the exploits of the Night Warrior .

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    I can't download =(

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