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Avengers Forever

Avengers Forever

Heroes of the time! Over the years, the Avengers fought myriad villains and monsters, protecting the Earth and its inhabitants from evil. No matter the odds, no matter the victim, most powerful heroes of Earth is not always found a way to get the victory. Now, they face a different kind of threat. The threat is so great, she made allies of sworn enemies. This seemingly unconqerable enemy ... the future! Seven Lost in Time Avengers - plucked from the past, present and future - must protect old ally Rick Jones from death at the hands Immortusom, master of time. To see why Rick Jones became a target for elimination, Avengers join forces with Kang the Conqueror, one of the most dangerous, the most implacable enemies of the team - and very old junior Immortusa "and - in a space battle that stretches from Old West end of time . and when they do, they find that they are fighting not only for one life, but also for the fate of mankind, against more enemies than they ever imagined. FOREVER collection Avengers # 1-12.

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