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Feathers #01

Feathers #01

Why We Love IT: On the trail of Archaia titles rust, Iron Will O 'Wisp, and the reason for the Dragons, the debut of writer-artist Jorge Corona brings a whole new voice for the industry of comics with feathers. With our passion for working with fresh talent, we could not be happier to present their work to a large audience.

Why you'll love it: There's never been a better time for the fantastic, all-ages comics that cover both the darkness and the beauty in life. Fans of Avatar: The Legend KORRA, Mike Mignola, and fall in love amulet As a boy, covered with feathers.

What it is: hermit boy born covered with feathers to help him the world's first one, a young girl named Bianca as she tries to return home for the slums of the maze. They should shy away from gangs and child abductors on the road, and perhaps together learn the secrets of his mysterious past.

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