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IXth Generation #01

IXth Generation #01

In the future, no more than a natural death, does not need a blank, and all that you could only dream of you ... as long as you are one of those chosen to live in this new utopia and you are ready to conquer himself, these new self-proclaimed gods a В«IXВ» adorned with them. There ends really justify the means? This utopia is built on genocide worth the price? Aphrodite, speed, Hades, and other Nines establish fiefdoms in this new world and try to rule. Their internal clashes escalated, but they have to put that aside, as they will face the merciless hordes of darkness. Sins of the past have come to say those who will claim to be established in the future bogov.Kibernetichesky APHRODITE IX and cyber FORCE finally comes face to face with the supernatural artifacts of the upper universe cow!

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