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Dark Avengers - Ares #01-03 Complete

Dark Avengers - Ares #01-03 Complete

Ares - God of War! His relentless brutality and murderous drive to win at all costs brought him nothing but contempt from his fellow gods of the Greek pantheon, and expulsion from Olympus. After thousands of years of living as a man, and fighting in the bloody, petty conflicts human, Ares joined the mighty Earth's heroes - the Avengers. Now Norman Osborn - the head of the Dark Avengers damaged and director of CIA paramilitary HAMMER - wants the best fighting force God of War can provide. He charges Ares with hand-picking an elite squad of soldiers and beat them in the most difficult, sharp warriors ever to own M-60 in each hand. And that's exactly what Ares will need when the goddess Hera gives him a chance to regain its position in the eyes of the Pantheon. And Ares taking the men with him in the fight of his life.

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