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Grimm Fairy Tales - Grimm Universe Vol.1 (TPB)

Grimm Fairy Tales - Grimm Universe Vol.1 (TPB)

Hot new series that illuminates the heroes and villains of the Grimm universe gather here for the first time! Unsuspecting woman learns about his noble heritage and finds himself embroiled in a war between the gods themselves. Red Riding Hood returned to New York in search of a serial killer, which is nothing other than what it seems. Before she was Goblin Queen was only a princess Oliviya.Malenky child, whose dark lust and obsession against bloodthirsty goblins slaughtered his family will find it a great force hidden vnutri.Zlaya force that will not consume all that she was and all she could ever, while only evil that Goblin Queen remained. And for the first time to see the full origin of the greatest evil dwells Grimm universe itself ... Dark! Collects issues hit series Grimm Universe 0-4.

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