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Patricia Briggs' Mercy Thompson - Moon Called Vol.1

Patricia Briggs' Mercy Thompson - Moon Called Vol.1

Mercy Thompson lives two world without ever really belong. For human residents of Tri-Cities is wonder, woman mechanic has its own garage. For dark residents, werewolves, vampires and fairies, she walker, last-of-its-kind magical creature with the power to be a coyote. Mercy gently shakes the thin line that separates our everyday world of this dark measurement ... 'to a boy mauled by vicious werewolves and forever changed the course of the attack and the one who committed the crime, it appears in the door. Now two of the world is about to face! Outnumbered and out-duck, Mercy can possibly save a boy ... or even the most?

Five Mercy Thompson novels led the New York Times bestseller list, and its premiere graphic novel Homecoming did the same. Now heroic werewolf Patricia Briggs returns to comics! With its superior digital painted interior art by Amelia Woo in the first 4 issues of the series 8 release and complete coverage of the gallery, as well as bonus material.

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