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Tank Girl  - Bad Wind Rising (1-4 series) Complete
4 issues pages | 111.6 мb.

Tags: Tank Girl, Bad Wind Rising, Tank Girl comics, Titan Comics
History takes us back to the familiar and favorite characters, TG and the Bug, as well as sleep kangaroo gang of murderers! Wild and unimaginable situations in which the main characters fall, and of course the unforgettable and magnificent Tank Girl! All the best in one comic.
Chronos Commandos - Dawn Patrol (1-5 series) Complete
When the Allies and Nazis develop time-diving technology that could see the Second World War derailed by creatures from the Cretaceous, only the Sarge and his band of misfit soldiers can save the future – by saving history! Dinosaurs! Giant crocodiles! Albert Einstein with a machinegun!
A1 - Carpe DIEm #06
With an endless horde of monsters volcanic march to destroy all mankind cherishes even Carpe Diem Agents can stop him. It's the end of the world as they know it ... and the only one who can stop him is ... SIR Monday?
A1 - The Weirding Willows #06
There's a werewolf loose in the house of Dr. Moreau, and it may be too much for even the Frankenstein monster deal! Maybe Mowgli maybe lucky?
Death Sentence #02
31 pages | 43.2 мb.

Tags: Death Sentence, Monty, Verity, Weasel, Titan Comics, 2013
Given the incredible superpowers - and six months to live - by a sexually transmitted virus G+, three Londoners to kick against the specter of death, all that I have. Washed- guitarist of indie Weasel tries to make amends for a life that is totally F * D - but change the direction of life can be murder! Comedian and media personality Monty tests
Numbercruncher #04
The epic battle of wits, will and divine accounting tucked in a few decades, and life, and now the clash between Bastard Zane and transform mathematician coming to a head. Who gets what they want? Who loses everything forever? And when all the evil plans and tricks have been solved ... there is still one last card to play? Do not miss the epic
Death Sentence #01
What would you do with superpowers - and six months to live ? This is the dilemma facing the three people who contracted the virus G+ , scary new STD. What can a graphic designer Verity , otherwise indie guitarist Lusk and fraudulent media personality Monty do in the time they have left ? Fade Away - or go out in a blaze of glory? By turns
Chronos Commandos - Dawn Patrol #04
Sarge and his team battle vicious Nazi unit of time that will do anything to turn the allied heroes in Fossilized Raptor-chow! Plus - the rules of time travel are delivered to the limit as Einstein crosses their terms in order to prevent the extinction of the universe when it gets critical Chronosphere at the base of a commando! Do not miss the
Solid State Tank Girl #04
25 pages | 32.4 мb.

Tags: Solid State Tank Girl, Titan comics, 2013
Spawned in the dark, trained in secret, brewed in Bollock, Anti Tank Girl is the worst nemesis Tank Girl ever been to one against! The towering building pink blondeness, it emits rays of uncontrolled rainbows, love and ponies, where it goes - and aims to replace Tankistka forever! There's no way that Tank Girl and her gang of misfits are going to
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