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Catalyst Prime - The Event #1
A mission to save the world from a rapidly-approaching asteroid changes the lives of five astronauts forever, and begins the rise of superhuman beings on Earth. Catalyst Prime: The Event, written by Christopher J. Priest (Deathstroke, Black Panther) and Joseph Phillip Illidge (Solarman), with art by Marco Turini (Secret Wars: Battleworld) and
Noble #1
38 pages | 58.9 мb.

Tags: Noble, Lion Forge Comics

Noble #1 (2017)

Publisher: Other
Madballs #1-4 Complete
4 issues pages | 245.8 мb.

Tags: Madballs, Lion Forge Comics
You thought - no, hoped - those disgusting creepy heads from the '80s were gone forever, but boy, were you wrong! When the headless Torsoids sabotage the Intergalactic Bizarro Bowl, the squabbling Madballs have to team up to take 'em down. Screamin' Meemie, Brain Bash, Skullface, and the rest of Madballs are back in this grosser-than-gross new
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