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Edison Rex Vol.1 (2014)

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Year of release: 2014

Pictures: 119

Collects Edison Rex # 1-6! Edison Rex smartest person in the world, criminal mastermind, and arch nemesis greatest defender in the world, Valiant. Devoting his life by defeating Valiant and prove once and for all that he is a threat to humanity, not the hero, what would Edison do when he finally manages? And Valiant out of the way, who will

Tags: Edison Rex, Valiant, Chris Roberson

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Edison Rex #14 (2014)

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Year of release: 2014

Pictures: 21

Edison assistance is a charitable foundation that provides assistance and support anywhere in the world, whether a threat of a natural disaster or an alien invasion. But who are the men and women who fill the ranks of the organization Edison Rex. And what they do in their spare time?

Tags: Edison Rex, L.A.R.V.A., Chris Roberson

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Edison Rex #11 (2013)

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Year of release: 2013

Pictures: 20

This return to the Golden Age as a gladiator Gladstone and the original Eclipse join forces to save the architectural ensemble of the city from destruction at the hands of the Red Molotov. But even with Mr. They are bald on their side, will our heroes stop the mad bomber before it's too late? (And all this has to do with Edison Rex ...?)

Tags: Edison Rex, monkeybrain Comics, Eclipse II, Edison Rex, Gladiator Gladstone, Molotov Red, Mr. Oni, The Fox, 2013

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