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Batman Beyond 2.0 #08
It's Batman vs. Rewire ... Part Deux! But as Terry, Dick and Barbara to stop this terror from the electric leveling Neo-Gotham? Do not miss the final chapter of our first story arc!
Batman Beyond 2.0 #07
With Batman missing, Commissioner Barbara Gordon and Dick Grayson battle to contain the situation as Neo-Gotham is out of control!
Batman Beyond 2.0 #06
With Batman incapacitated ... or worse ... Rewire true identity is revealed. In addition, Dick Grayson joins the fight!
Batman - Li'l Gotham #01-20 Complete
The first series of digital Dustin Nguyen and Derek Fridolfs, demonstrations Nguyen "Li'l Batman" style in special issues of themed celebration. After the success of the first release, the series was expanded to twice a month, including a variety of festivals and calendar dates.
Batman - Li'l Gotham #20
What mystery is hidden deep in the east wing of Wayne Manor? Only the butler knows for sure ... but if you're lucky, he will manifest the answers here!
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