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Sacred Creatures #04
Adrian meets Julia, Naviel makes a difficult decision, and KLAUS starts splitting art duties with PABLO as they begin to unravel the Sacred Creatures' history! - See more at:
Redlands #03
33 pages | 62 мb.

Tags: Redlands, Jordie Bellaire, Vanesa Del Rey
Love and righteousness keep the biggest hearts in Redlands, despite the crime rate. But the biggest hearts are within the biggest beasts, and no animal or serial killer is safe if they dare to cross them. - See more at:
Mech Cadet Yu #03
30 pages | 45.9 мb.

Tags: Mech Cadet Yu, Greg Pak, Takeshi Miyazawa, Takeshi Miyaza
The cadets are undergoing their most intense training yet, when Park's mech starts to malfunction with dangerous consequences.
Kingsman - The Red Diamond #02
32 pages | 37.9 мb.

Tags: Kingsman - The Red Diamond, Kingsman, Rob Williams, Alias
When super-hacker Alias shows up in New York's financial district, Eggsy's the Kingsman agent sent to stop him. But with Red Diamond's henchman pursuing the same target, things are about to get tricky for our novice spy. Will Eggsy save the day and woo sexy agent Kwaito, or will the hackers plunge the world into darkness before he gets the chance?
Gotham City Garage #06
20 pages | 11.7 мb.

Tags: Gotham City Garage, Harley Quinn, Collin Kelly, Aneke
Dr. Harleen Quinzel was once the architect of Governor Luthor’s mind-controlling ridealong project. Now, as Harley Quinn—with her sidekick Joker in tow—she’s returned to the Garden to see her good work burn.
God Complex #01
35 pages | 58.5 мb.

Tags: God Complex, Paul Jenkins, Bryan Lie, Hermes, Delphi
In the futuristic city of Delphi, a young digital-forensics investigator named Seneca finds himself embroiled in the bizarre murders of three church acolytes. Guided by his cryptic mentor, the Ruler named Hermes, Seneca uncovers a stunning conspiracy and a mystery that will turn his entire world upside down. From writer PAUL JENKINS (Inhumans,
Babyteeth #05
31 pages | 26.8 мb.

Tags: Babyteeth, Donny Cates, Aftershock
Home is where the heart is. Also, in this case, it's where an assassin kicks down the door and just, oh man, just starts killing people. It's The Prarie Wolf vs a teenage mother, an old marine, and a nine-pound antichrist. Oh and....where in the HELL is Heather?! FIND OUT HERE! (You're gonna like it!)
2000AD #2052
32 pages | 62.6 мb.

Tags: 2000AD, Rebellion
More from the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic – including the latest adventures of Judge Dredd & Mega City One!
Injustice 2 #27
The repercussions of both the destruction of Ra’s al Ghul’s sanctuary and the attack on Washington sink in. Plastic Man tries to console Blue Beetle, and Black Lightning is granted an immense responsibility. Later, Beetle gets a most unexpected visitor.
Hawkeye #11
21 pages | 71.6 мb.

Tags: Hawkeye, Marvel, marvel comics
Spread #22
47 pages | 130.5 мb.

Tags: Spread, Justin Jordan, Image, Image Comics

Spread #22 (2017)

Publisher: New / Other
Royals #9
24 pages | 96.7 мb.

Tags: Royals, Marvel, marvel comics

Royals #9 (2017)

Publisher: Marvel / New

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