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La Brujeria #02
25 pages | 12.6 мb.

Tags: La Brujeria, Althalia Cabrera, Aaron Duran
Enter Althalia Cabrera. Unable to hold down a steady job due to her spiritual interference, Althalia is at the end of her rope. Bouncing from one job to another, she answers an add for a clerk at a "non-traditional" pest extermination service fronting as a Portland pawn shop. When Althalia's natural gifts collide with the Fairy Tale world, nothing
I Never Forgot! #03
34 pages | 52 мb.

Tags: I Never Forgot, Noah James Baas
With one last thing weighing on his mind, is it even worth it to finish this final goal?! Meeting new people along the way helps, but will it benefit him or hinder him in the long run?
Deadpool #06
19 pages | 53.3 мb.

Tags: Deadpool, Emily Preston, Madcap, Night Nurse, Scott Adsit
MORE DEADPOOL THAN YOU WANTED! That's right-Wade's called in some help being him. And you won't believe (or recognize?) who he signed up! (Unless you are intimately familiar with Marvel Encyclopediae.)
Batman #48
26 pages | 39.5 мb.

Tags: Batman, Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, Danny Miki
"ZERO YEAR" is all-important crossroads as Batman and Jim Gordon to try to turn the lights back on in Gotham City. This question leads directly to the final arc zero year, which starts here next month!

Batman #48 (2016)

Publisher: DC
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